a baby shower prayer


I like to journal my prayers. It’s so neat to look back and see God’s faithfulness through answered prayers. My favorite is looking at the first prayer I ever prayed for our birth mom carrying our child. I didn’t even know who it would be. How specific it was. God answered every little piece of it.

Today, this is my prayer and praise to God:

“Wow, God! Look at where we are today. A baby shower for the precious life I prayed for..for years! This is really happening. You’ve provided us a child. A life to love, nurture and teach about your faithfulness. Gosh, I’m so thankful. You are good when there is nothing good in me! I don’t deserve this gift, but here You are, entrusting us with this little life.

Jesus, thank you for this weekend of celebration for our baby boy! Thank you for our family and friends all coming together to celebrate with us! This is truly humbling. It’s so hard to put into words my gratitude and excitement, but YOU know exactly what I’m thinking and feeling. For, you’ve answered prayers that we never even prayed! You’ve given us more than we have even asked for. I’m in awe of you, Jesus. Thank you.”



great news!!!!!!!

Well, this is our official blog announcement! I’ve shared with so many in person, through text, email, Facebook and IG but… we have a baby on the way (through adoption) due this winter! This is just the best news ever.


We aren’t sharing a whole lot of details to give privacy to the birth family, but we can tell you that this sweet child is a BOY!

We are in awe at the way God worked this out. His timing is perfect. This baby is much-anticipated and MUCH loved!

Please pray and encourage us as we wait and prepare! 

Also, we are working on a neat fundraiser! We are still in need of funds so I can’t wait to do this! 

Thanks for all the love, prayers, support and ((clothes)) 😉



Oh, so humbled.

love laura

I know it has been a while. With this thyroid issue, it has been hard to concentrate so that means reading and writing was out until now. I’m finally feeling better- as in able to clean a little, read, write and feel somewhat normal! I still am not able to work but I’m hoping next week! I have another endocrinology appt Monday so we will see!

I just want to say on behalf of both of us, this adoption process has just been blessing us so much. We are just so humbled. The prayers, Jamberry/Thirty-One/coffee sales, help and financial support is just awesome. Thank you.

I have been selling things from my home during this time and it’s been amazing. I’ve met so many people who have given more than I asked for an item, offered to give us baby items later and more! This is just so cool. I just don’t have words for the kindness shown by complete strangers.

I pray that God blesses each and every one of you and that you know those blessings are from Him.

I absolutely know this is all from God. I give Him all the credit, honor and glory for this!



PS) another part of our home study is tomorrow! They are going to ask Thomas and I lots of questions separately and it will take about two hours. Pray for us if you remember!


#SheSharesTruth | The Name Your Daddy Gave You

Love this!!

Our Yellow Door

Linking up with She Reads Truth and their She Shares Truth assignment!

When I was like, seven, I renamed myself. For whatever reason, I got a bee up my bonnet and decided that “Chelsea” was a much better name than “Rachel”.

I wrote “Chelsea Smyth” on all of my school papers, would correct my teachers and my family and friends, and called myself “Chelsea” in that epic inner-monologue that a seven year old has.

Don’t ask me why. I just decided that I wasn’t “Rachel” anymore.

This nonsense lasted about two weeks, and I’m not really sure why it stopped. But I’m pretty sure it was my parents. Frustrated that I was calling myself a false name (and also probably frustrated by my stubborn and eccentric behavior), they probably sat me down and said something like this:

“Rachel. Your name is R-A-C-H-E-L. That’s the name we gave you, that’s…

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When his words are bigger than His words.

Lauren says it beautifully…

made beautiful


(I love writing for She Reads Truth, #SheSharesTruth. The writing prompts challenge me to think about unique caveats of this life journey–drawing me to dwell on His faithfulness–situations and moments that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Enjoy!)

For so long I let him name me.

Lower case he. Not upper case He. 

Reminds me of that song. “Begin Again” by Taylor Swift. Do you know it?

She sings:

He didn’t like it when I wore high heels…

He always said he didn’t get this song…

I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ’cause he never did…

I saw myself so vividly in that song. 

Except mine went a little more like this…

He said I wasn’t observant enough…

He wished I liked sports more…

He said I asked too many questions…

He said He wanted a girl that made His whole world come to a stop…

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update on adoption and thyroid

If you have been checking in for an adoption update, I’m so sorry! I’ve been slacking. Things haven’t been normal around the Moore home, but what’s considered “normal”? 

So, we are getting ready to do the home study process. It is about a month long and involves four visits with the agency. (at our home and at their office) Pray for us during this month! 

We have the best friends and family in the world! Thank you for all of the encouragement and support!!! Also, will you pray for me to remain encouraged? There are some very discouraging people out there. People you wouldn’t expect. I need to give them grace and have patience with ignorant and rude comments. 

Recently, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I’ve had my thyroid checked my entire life since I have a family history of it, but this is the first it has ever been abnormal. I have WAY too much thyroid hormone in my body and it is causing miserable effects. Tremors, weight loss, shortness of breath, racing heart, dry/itchy skin and more! I’m unable to work during this time. Just getting up to shower leaves me breathless and shaky. I’m so frustrated with this. 

During these crazy times, we are enjoying every last minute alone with each other but at the same time, we are so crazy excited to change poopy diapers, have sleepless nights and mounds of laundry. Come on Baby!!




Adoption + Husband Love

I really cannot believe it’s almost June. It seems like I JUST put all of my Christmas decorations away!

Here is a little update on the adoption process:

1. God is really providing for us in ways we didn’t even think to pray for!

2. Our home study is in a couple weeks!

3. Jamberry is consuming my life and I’m thankful for the extra money it’s providing for the adoption!

4. I think we have the best support system ever.

5. We wanted to have a huge garage sale for our adoption but all the preparation is overwhelming me so it may not happen or it will be much later in the summer.


To order Jamberry through me visit go here. <—100% of my commission goes to Baby Moore! Nail wraps are B3G1 free

To order coffee go here. <— $5 per 12oz bag goes to Baby Moore!

Also, can I just say something about my husband? He was 20 years old when we got married and still in college. He decided to work full time while going to school so he could pay for college. He has been so busy for these last four years and so much is expected from him at work and from our family. He finished his associate’s degree shortly after we got married and I’m so proud to say that he will be done with his bachelor’s degree in TWO WEEKS! He is so humble and probably won’t even tell anyone so if you see him, can you just give him a congratulations hug!? I’m so proud of him and so thankful for his hard work for our family!

I don’t know about ya’ll, but a hard working husband is something to be proud of in my book. If your husband is a hard worker, give him a big hug and kiss tonight and tell him how much he means to you!





a blurb on my NICU babies

Because of privacy laws, I’m unable to share tweets, Facebook posts and instagrams of my sweet little babies, their progress and their families. I get a little jealous when my lovely teacher friends post things about their students, pictures of their milestones, etc. I would have so much to post about every single baby I have ever taken care of. It is such an honor to be a NICU nurse.

This is Lincoln and me. I have special permission to post this one. :) Lincoln fought long and hard to get where he is today. My sweet friend, Casey, is the best mom and I'm excited to watch him grow even more!

This is Lincoln and me. I have special permission to post this one. 🙂 Lincoln fought long and hard to get where he is today. My sweet friend, Casey, is the best mom and I’m excited to watch him grow even more!

Anyways, I just wanted to share something that melted my heart yesterday. A NICU grad and her family came in at the end of my shift last night. The baby had just turned one and in lieu of presents for the baby’s first birthday, the parents asked for gifts to donate to the babies and families in the NICU today. So they brought everything they had received and it was just so precious! It’s so neat to see former NICU families give back and pay it forward. So selfless.

If you have never met a NICU mom or dad, you’re missing out. If you have never had the joy of watching a baby grow from being a scrawny little preemie, to being a chunky baby with countless rolls, you’re missing out. There are hardly words to describe the joy and satisfaction I get from my job.

Today is the March of Dimes walk in Indy and although I wish I could be downtown with my coworkers and preemies to celebrate past, present and future life, I am thinking of them all day.





feeling loved & an update

This was on our honeymoon. :) We were just daydreaming about this place.

This was on our honeymoon. 🙂 We were just daydreaming about this place.


Just wanted to give you an update.

We are currently working on all of our application paperwork for our adoption. The application fee is $550…

Between the coffee sales ($170), Jamberry sales ($90) and some generous donations, we have the whole application fee paid for! Granted, we would’ve been able to pay for this portion out of pocket, but I like looking at it this way. This may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of $30k but this is HUGE for us! We feel loved with every single dollar. We cannot pour out our thanks enough with all of the support and encouragement!

Please keep spreading the word about coffee and Jamberry Nail wraps!

I can’t wait to see what God does next!

Thank you! LOVE!

May 2014 Goals

I cannot believe it is May! This is good because it means warmer weather and delicious, garden vegetables.

Since it’s a new month, I’ve decided to make some goals. I’m trying to be better about setting realistic, monthly goals.

Here are May 2014 goals:

Read Ephesians ((several times)).

Make four freezer meals.

Visit an old friend or someone new-twice.

Replace a tv show with some encouraging reading at least two days a week.